Friday, October 15, 2010

I Have a Serious Issue with Putting Socks in the Dryer

As part of a full load, I can put into the washer 6 complete pairs of in-tact, women’s socks. 

By the time I pull them from the dryer I have 4 socks that match based on color only, 3 socks that could match based on size (depending on how far you stretch them), 2 socks with holes in the toe and 1 with a hole in the heel, 1 men’s sock, 2 pairs that could go together, if you don’t mind stripes vs. plaid.......and 3 bobby pins. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises; but I prefer my surprises to come in the form of a sudden drop in gas prices, an unexpected visit from an old friend or a $5 bill found in the pocket of a winter jacket. 

This experience is more like one of those games at a county fair midway where you pay to play the game, hoping for a signed 8x10 glossy of Lori Morgan and you walk away with a knock-off nightlight with a unicorn on it - one that will likely burn your house down if you give it the opportunity. 
Terribly mismatched socks or a unicorn nightlight fire hazard......No one wants that, even for their worst enemy.


  1. I absolutely know the feeling! The only time I don't lose socks are in the summer when I don't wear them! It's so frustrating! One time I bought a new pack of socks from AE with three pairs: one gray, one black, one white. I put them all in the wash, they all came out of the wash. I put them in the dryer, and I swear to you I only got one of each. Even just a few weeks ago when it got cold I broke out the socks and wore three pairs. I was very careful to track them coming out of the washer and into the dryer, but as you can imagine, one sock came out of the dryer without a match. If any evidence supports the theory of fourth dimensions or aliens coming down from outer space, I think it's the whole vanishing sock issue. It completely baffles me how I can watch them go in and not come out. I search the entire dryer and washer, but can't find it. I even pulled the exhaust line out once to see if it found its way into there, but no... It's simply a mystery. I've been convinced for some time that there is a troll that lives in the back of my dryer and steals my socks through is portal to another dimension, and he even followed me to my new apartment. :(

  2. I totally agree!!! And don't EVEN get me started on little kid socks. They should just make one kind of socks for kids. One color. One style. Even then I am not sure I would have a pair after washing a load ;)

    I was so excited to see you post!!! Welcome back to the blogosphere :)

  3. You have a blog?! I love it and how come I didn't know about this young lady? It's awesome. But then I'm not surprised. I'm going to connect you to mine. Now I can see you everyday.

  4. You got some good laughter out of me on this one. Priceless!

  5. Amen sister! I just wanna know why it's only socks?

  6. I feel for you!
    I did get lucky with this week's laundry.
    I scored 45 cents!!
    (and a miniature light bulb, go figure)

  7. Have you considered a lingerie bag?? I use a little white bag, mesh material, with a zipper on top and put my socks in before I wash...proceed to dry them the same way, and wa la, no missing socks!