Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To New Beginnings

I think it’s safe to say Spring is finally here in Indiana. 

That being said, if it snows this weekend I won’t take any blame for it. Should the white stuff fall, take your frustrations out on the shoddy weather man who can miraculously  keep a job, having only a 30% accuracy rate. 

But the grass is green, birds are chirping well before sunrise and there are healthy Shorthorn calves running around the pastures with their tails flying. Also, the Mule is stuck in the mud, the Greens Fork River is out of it’s banks and Muck Boots are flying off the shelf.
Cheers to Spring and New Beginnings. 

A young family recently came to the farm to pick up their first-ever (mini) 4-H calf. To me, very few things say “new beginnings” like the opportunity to directly relay a passion. Teaching a child, especially based off of your own life lessons, the care that goes into animal husbandry is rejuvenating. It’s when they’re young and eager we can instill the value of hard work, purpose and the importance of caring for an animal that is responsible for providing protein to the world. It's a new start. 
Whether this kindergartner decides to get a calf again next year, or for the next ten years, is up to him. Regardless, between now and June, the crew of BSG will answer his questions, encourage his curiosity and fuel his enthusiasm. And, maybe take a few pictures.

Curious Corbin

This truck has seen countless miles and experiences; many from a Papaw that Corbin never had the opportunity to meet.

Finding his way around BSG

Much anticipation

 Corbin, meet Zoe Monica. Zoe Monica, meet Corbin

 The first head pat

 Tight rope, strong hold

 Soaking up every bit of instruction

Learning about the bulls of BSG, from afar

Zoe Monica's new home

Words of advice from seasoned Wayne County 4-H veterans 

Zoe Monica awaits

Spring sunlight on the Shorthorn

Home, Sweet Home

What is neat about this young kid is the excitement that burns within him even at such a young age. Every visitor to the farm is greeted by Corbin, who firstly wants to introduce you to his new friend, and new responsibility. He has the passion. He has the desire. He knows that eventually Zoe Monica will be going back to BSG, the place of which she serves the greatest purpose. 

Time passes, generations trade places and saplings one day become sturdy old trees that stand the test of time. New beginnings offer a fresh start and an opportunity for new growth. Take advantage of it. Teach a child. Set an example. Leave an impression. Build character. 

Hear me now:
Grow something irreplaceable. 


  1. Wow, Lindsay! I'm crying! Very, very well written!!

  2. Congratulations Corbin on your first calf! I am confident to say it will be the first of many! With the guidance of your parents, who love to nuture everything from the land around them to friends stopping by for a visit, I am sure you will have no problem learning to care for your new calf! Good luck on your new adventure!

  3. Neat post and pictures Jean! From the looks of Corbin the beef industry and Shorthorn breed has a bright future.

    My family raised and sold a few club calves and lambs while I was growing up. It was always a great feeling to see our livestock go to a good home and have those 4-H kids succeed with their projects.