Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Room at the Inn

After I took a photo of that moon in the previous blog...

We traveled to the booming town of Thermopolis, WY to find a hotel room for the night. The Wyoming Quarter Horse sale was going on, so we couldn't find a single room in town. Thanks to a smart phone, we were able to find the next town on the map and call two different motels before we found a vacancy. We traveled on north to Worland where we found the motel we'd already paid for via phone: Econo Inn. When we made the last-minute reservation on the phone, we thought it was an Econo Lodge. We were mistaken. 

We checked in, after defending ourselves from the owner's large dog who met us in the doorway, and literally ran our bags into our room. There were questionable characters sitting outside eating beef jerky and drinking out of forties -  we had no desire to make new friends. We locked the door, and the deadbolt then put the chair in front of the door. Then we checked under the beds (out of logical order, we know), said extra prayers and I slept with my mace gun on the night stand. Likely the worst night of sleep ever, and likely the shortest amount of time ever spent in a motel. 

After a great breakfast at Cow Camp, we headed on north towards Montana. The photos you'll see today catalog that final day we spent in Wyoming - such an untamed place. 

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  1. Love the photos - didn't you get one of the Econo Inn??