Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Freeze Branding

A couple weeks ago, the crew at Bowman Superior Genetics spent a fall day freeze branding and weighing cattle. Freeze branding is different from hot branding in that it instantly numbs the skin and freezes the hair follicle momentarily, changing the pigment to white. As we move into an age where the consumer wants to know the age and source verification of the meat they eat, both types of branding allow them to have a better opportunity to learn more where their protein comes from.

Enjoy today's photo blog capturing images of that afternoon....

The brands in liquid nitrogen

Preparing to remove hair from the area to be branded

Rubbing alcohol is poured over the area, just after the hair is removed but before the brand is placed

Numbers ready?

Brands are placed back in liquid nitrogen immediately

As this animal grows, the brand will turn to white

Single file ensures stress-free handling

Shoddy help.

Happy 33rd Anniversary Mom and Dad! Just how she wanted to celebrate the day....

Getting weights on every animal

Refilling the brand tank with liquid nitrogen

This ensures everything stays extremely cold....

Branding black

The end result: a legible identification that can never be changed over time

Brands at the end of the day; their work is done