Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Intense and On Track

I again had the opportunity this January to work along side the Jungels Shorthorn Farm team at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. One of my favorite annual trips, I always come home with a terrible cough, four sweaters embedded with salted peanut shells  and an even greater appreciation for the Jungels family.  

Growing up in the industry, I've seen many dedicated stock show crews and even more people who are incredibly passionate about the business we're in. But never before have I met someone like Derek, who has the ability to stream his competitive spirit and enthusiasm for the breed directly into every single member of his team. In addition, Derek is likely the most intense person I have ever met in my life. Come show and sale time, I make it a point to either place myself on the end of the halter or behind the lens of a camera; in his way is the last place I intend to be. 

The effort and passion he invests into the operation can't be illustrated in words or stories, but rather photos. For the remainder of this week enjoy moments from the stalls of Jungels Shorthorn Farms - complete with the people who invest in these breed-changing cattle and also the able bodies who work to make the operation such a notable success. 

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Not nervous about the sale at all, the youngest JSF crew member decided to practice his cheese-puff-catching skills.

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