Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tyler & Casey

I had the opportunity to spend one day last weekend with Tyler and Casey, a couple who grew up on the edge of Indianapolis but belong in a place more rural. I hadn't met the two until they showed up at BSG, but we completely connected from the start. 

We discussed their vision for the day and what shots they wanted to make sure I captured. 
I asked Tyler a few questions and his response was, 
"What ever Casey wants...."

Good man. 

I can't say enough about these two. It's clear that they're crazy about one another and ready to get hitched in September!

Enjoy a quick overview of our afternoon in rural Indiana....

The quilt you'll see through out these photos is a family quilt Casey's Great Grandmother Hattie sewed. What an awesome piece of family history to include!

We took a few photos on the old one-lane bridge north of Greens Fork that will be demolished and re-built with time. Of course, we had to pause taking photos so Harleys could cruise though....

They brought Coor's Original bottles. I asked why....
These two are just like any other small-town couple you'll find on the dance floor of a small country bar on any Saturday night. 
Only, they may be just a little more in love...

Pickin' Wild Flowers

Tyler and Casey are Tying the Knot!

Thank you, Tyler and Casey for the chance to be a part of your journey!

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  1. AWESOME photos!

    Sarah @ this Farm Family's Life

  2. Good job! My favorite? Where they're walking down the dirt road hand in hand.