Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Old World Romance and Brown Saddles

Do you remember that blog I did about choices and how those decisions have the ability to change the course of our lives?
Well, let me tell you
We've made approximately 1,393 choices regarding the new (OLD) home in the last 45 days and I have really high hopes that the color we paint our bedroom has nothing to do with our future endeavors.

We'll see.

I've learned this about myself: I can look at a pile of 5 paint samples for an hour and still not have the ability to make a choice. 

Too similar. 
Too dark. 
Too bright. 
Too bold.
Too blah. 

Frustrated, I can set the same 5 samples in front of Cody and he has his decision made in twenty seconds.

"Easy. Saddle Brown," he said, flipping back to his Angus Journal.  
How did he do that? So effortless. I thought to myself. 
I liked Saddle Brown, too. And we went with it. 

We had a very similar experience just days later as I nearly formed an ulcer determining the north wall color. 
What took me two agonizing days to determine, Cody mastered in less than a minute. 
Puzzled by his swift response, I asked him, "What do you like about Peanut Brittle over Old World Romance?"
"Just sounds more appealing," he responded, "More us." 

After taking him to Lowe's with me, I began to see a trend...

And it wasn't in the shades of color. It was in the names
If it were up to Cody, we'd be decorating our house based solely on what is on our grocery list and in our barn. 
I could see it now, proudly giving our house tour, "And this is the south wall, covered in Spicy Mustard...and the closets are done in Flannel Blanket."

But I couldn't blame the guy. There was just something more appealing about paint that you could relate to. It made the home more ours. It allowed us to connect to the place. Still, on a few choices, I just couldn't do it. I dreamt that night that I was trying to find my way down the stairs after a girls’ night staring right into the face of Nacho Cheese. Misery. 

I reminded Cody that no one but us is going to know the name of the paint on the walls. It's the visual appeal that mattered. Trying to drill my point across, I presented two more swatches that I thought may make his decision more difficult:


After two minutes he admitted he didn't see any different and he'd be happy with both. 

I learn something  everyday in this marriage deal. 
One day I learned the hard way that Cody will not toss a breed publication until the next year's issue (same month) has arrived. 
Another day I learned that no matter how hard I try I hide the vegetables in Mexican dishes, he will find them. Can you find the green bean? Yeah he did, too. 

And on this day I learned that we have to make a decision such as paint colors on a full stomach. 

I'm certain, however, that no matter what food or ranch necessity we slap on our walls, in the end this place will no doubt be 

A quick look at progress since last time.
Ceiling raised, drywall hung, lights mapped out, new windows installed and one anxious couple closer to moving in:

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