Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Strengthening Your Core

This will be brief....
You're welcome. 

I'm in class this week, so my mind is focused on blurry numbers, rather than words I appreciate. 

We're studying the Core of a business. 
Things that serve as the foundation, strength and root of something sound. 

When I visualize (because that's how I operate) Core, I think of the strongest part of the of subject. 
Which is fair. 
Core of a pineapple. 
My core, below:

#1 way to recognize that this isn't me: 
No chipped nail polish. The rest is identical. 
If you believe that, you don't read this blog regularly. 
Shame on ya. 

Consider this:

Every business has a Core: The thing that builds their success and their story. 

But what happens when the business strays from what they're best at and tries to be all things to too many?

What happens to the Core when other demands saturate it's purpose?
What happens to the things that matter?
Gen. von Clausewitz once said, "There is no higher or simpler law for strategy then keeping one's forces concentrated."

You must first be great at the small things that matter
before you can be good at anything big.  

Just as every company has core objectives, individuals should, too. 
What do you stand for?
What will you stand up to?
What do you believe in?
What matters?
What Is Your Core? 
The 2 - 3 things that comprise who you are.
Once you can determine your Core, the rest falls into place. 

Faith. Family. Farm?
Career. Pleasure. Friends?
Philanthropy. Career. Passion?
Fitness. Career. Family?
Pleasure. Career. Passion?
Career. Fitness. Friends?

Remember that the strongest businesses are the ones which recognize their Core, and build every venture off of that. 
Once individuals figure out what their core is, the direction of other things in life may much much easier to navigate
Strengthen your core. 
Build from it. 

And trust me, this blog has nothing to do with planks, jackknife sit-ups or barbell squats. 

(Fact: I just had to google 
"Core workouts" to even list the 
three exercise moves listed above.)

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