Wednesday, November 19, 2014

¿Sabías que?

I haven't much time to write, as my schedule this week is at the mercy of someone else. 

However, did you know that 
you're not supposed to flush toilet paper 
in Argentina? 

Nope, you're supposed to dispose of it in a little trash can just beside the commode. 
If - however - you do flush the toilet paper, did you know that it will be rejected immediately and the entire commode will overflow?
Out of the stall. 
Across the bathroom tile. 
Into the hotel lobby. 
And you may be forced to run out of the bathroom like a dumb North American with the bottoms of your khakis soaking wet. 
Did you know that?

I didn't either. 
I do now. 

I didn't take this photo. Credit goes to The Lost Man Project.

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