Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Enough Already, Please

My recent flight home from Denver was restless. Returning from a whirlwind weekend full of stock and little sleep, you would have thought sleep would come naturally. I think it may have been because my friend Emily was sitting next to me. 
She's thirty.
A mom.
Can still do a back tuck. 
And, I think she wears the same size jeans that I did when I was in sixth grade. 
The last thing I needed was for her to see me fall asleep on a plane: bent neck, mouth wide open and the occasional bobbing head
I sat straight up in my seat, set Mike Ryan up in my earbuds and found something to read. 

I'm glad I did. 

I read the Southwest magazine and found a like-minded writer who says it better than I. Inside was an article that confirmed something I've believed for a long time:

The downfall of the 
latest generation is 
the misconception that 
participation trophies 
benefit kids. 

Below, I invite you to read more of the article that kept me awake when my body needed sleep. It is written by Heidi Stevens, a columnist at the Chicago Tribune and the author of Balancing Act.

The story begins on page 62 and is one of the most well-written pieces I've read in some time.

If you're not able to view the PDF below, you can click here the view the story. 

Let me know - do you agree?

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