Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Five From Five (And Under)

I thought of this line while visiting with my niece and nephew last night. Hours earlier I had brainstormed what I might write about. I needed a change in perspective. 

So when I reached the young guns, I decided to simply listen, observe and let their "gems" - at ages four and five - write this week's blog. 

Five Lessons From Age Five and Under

1. What makes someone a best friend? They have to laugh at your jokes.

2. Age doesn't mean a thing when it comes to fun. The best toys around are the ones that were built - and used daily - twenty-five years ago. Some things get better with age. 

3. Drink plenty of water. Apparently the young guns have taken it upon themselves to remind their Grammie to drink plenty of water. 
"Grammie, drink your water!" Hank yelled during dinner. 
Marlee looked at me. "Grammie is supposed to drink two fill ups of water every day. She still has one more fill up to drink today."
I told Marlee it was already 9:15 at night - trying to instill some sense of urgency. 
Concern swept cheerleader Marlee's face, but she didn't let up. "Don't worry Grammie! You still have one hour before bed to get your other fill up!"
Things of quality have no fear of time. 

4. Broken crayons are still just as good as not broken crayons. They're just harder to hold. 
Substitute the word "people" for "crayons" and Hank has another very valid point. 

5. Undies are optional when you go to bed. (But you have to earn that right.)

Life lessons, age five and under. 
Isn't it amazing what you can learn when you simply listen?

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