Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let The Light Shine

I learned this week that folks 
really get bent out of shape when you 
allow the light to shine in their windows 
just a little earlier every morning.

I'm just going to leave this right here...

The best way to avoid the worst in folks is to never mention Daylight Saving Time. Ever. 
I'm serious. Wowza. 
I've never seen the masses so angry about driving home in the dark. I mean, you know you have headlights, right?

This concept of Daylight Saving Time is not new. In fact, it roots back to something like 100 years ago.
I don't know for certain, I'm only 30. 
Anyway, the original reason behind "falling back" and "springing forward" was to 1. conserve energy and 2. make better use of daylight. 
Instead, we seem to 1. use our energy to complain about and fret over something we cannot control and 2. sleep away the extra hour of morning daylight. 
And we have a bazillion more opportunities for electric lighting around our condos/homes/farms/ranches than we did in 1918 when President Woodrow Wilson signed Daylight Saving Time into law!
Yes, we are a weird species. 
Life, you know, is all about interpretation.

Beyond the counterproductive babble regarding a process created to deliver daylight to us earlier, what can we all learn from Daylight Saving Time?

Simply this: 

You didn't lose that hour of light. You simply have to rise earlier to enjoy it. 
Have you considered that?
While we get worked up over losing an hour (60 minutes. 3600 seconds.) of daylight in the evening, but it's not been stolen from us. It's been moved. 
It's still there. 
Go find it. 
Rise & Shine. 

And that's a good reminder of how short our days - I'm not referencing daylight hours - are. 
24 hours. 
To enjoy a show together. 
1,440 minutes.
To drive through the acres and reflect on what you've built.
86,400 seconds. 
To listen to your kids laugh.
That's it. 
A moment to ever to be seen again. 

Listen, I understand the early sky fall can be discouraging. 
I feed a black, mature bull twice a day in the dark. 
Some days sprinting from something I can't see - I can only hear - is the only cardio I get in a day. If it were still daylight, I know I'd feel safe knowing where his massive carcass was. But that's not the circumstance. And I deal with it. Even if I'm a 'fraidy cat. And I hate cats. 
Life, you know, is all about interpretation.

So don't complain when the sun comes up.
Be glad you're able to see it. An hour earlier this time!
Watch it. 
Live it. 
Check out the stars when they show their pretty little faces a little earlier of an evening. 
They've been so amazingly bright!
Don't bend the neighbors'/son's/teachers'/friends' ears about Daylight Saving Time. 
Appreciate that super early morning hug around the neck from your kid, won't you?
Simply let the bright morning light shine while you live

And until you agree with my message, here is another way to spring forward/fall back. 
Life, as you know, is all about interpretation. 

Let The Light Shine

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  1. Such a great message! It is so easy to get caught up in the negative--this is just what I needed to hear this morning!! Thank you!