Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And Now, We Wait

So the nursery is done. 

It should be noted that these are before photos

Like most things we do, there was some thought into how we got this room ready. 
How about a tour? 
A virtual tour. 
You all know how I feel about last minute company

We did keep the Compromising Crib theme throughout the room. 
A nice reminder at 3:37 AM that this is a partnership.
The Compromising Crib: Tearing down an old barn, then moving it 
into the house because we both had our heels dug in.

Have you read about one of the greatest lessons I've ever learned?

Anyway, back to the tour - 

Our inspiration for this little room that will hold our entire world:

Not knowing the gender but knowing how this kid will be raised, we went with a lot of neutral tones and a vintage western theme. I found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby and my wonderful Aunt Susan of Susan Bell Upholstery made us curtains as a shower gift. 

Family friends gave us a beautiful crib that we really loved. Then someone called it a "double-drop-sided-death-trap" and these clueless parents-to-be got a tick nervous. I went on to order this DaVinci Jenny Lind crib for peace of mind purposes only. 

It just wouldn't be a Lindsay Bowman project if I didn't recycle something from a former life. The bookshelf came out of 851 David Ross Road. Thanks to whoever's Dad made these shelves years ago. They were passed down from sorority sister to sorority sister to sorority sister to sorority sister to sorority sister to sorority sister and left Purdue's campus with me. Sharpie names still on top, and all. Function over fashion. 

I found this little dresser at A Corner Cottage in Noblesville, IN during an annual girls' day with Purdue friends. I loved the blocks as drawer pulls, but Cody had an even better idea. 

He sanded the dresser down and took it to one of our favorite shops, The Vintage Market in Cambridge City, IN (you have to visit this store to do it justice!). There they painted it and distressed it to fit the room. 

Then he found these drawer pulls and painted them out in his shop to make them look like Angus calves. 

Many gave me the advice to buy a comfortable chair since we'll be spending a lot of hours in it. I worked with Bullerdick Furniture to get this rocker-glider-swivel chair designed and put together. I also worked with them on a no-questions-asked warranty that covers bodily fluids, Sharpie marker, nail polish and anything else I could think of before signing the paperwork. 

Let's get a close-up of that fabric before it gets 
abused by a tiny, popsicle-wielding tyrant. 

Tags will stay on as long as possible. 
Which is right about the time I'll yell, 
"This is why we can't have nice things!!"

The quilt, you ask?

Friend and co-worker Cindy surprised us with this quilt just last week. Isn't it beautiful?!
The kicker: She didn't know the neutral/vintage western theme before creating this for us. 

I can't believe how perfectly it fits into the room and even matches the curtains. 

Every perfect stitch!

We were also handed down this family quilt with some pretty special initials on it. 

To encourage less writing on the walls. 

A Shepler Family Favorite:
Harry Shepler's Palomino stud horse, 

Every kid needs a horse, right?
Well, this is the only one our kid is getting. 
Already kid-broke.

Is Book-It still around? If so, we need a new button to start earning free pizza ASAP.

We found what we thought would be an ideal dresser/changing table at Building 125 in Cambridge City, except the color and a few of the options weren't quite right. We went on to work with the owners to order this one in the color, solid top and pulls that suited this place perfectly. The crew at 125 were wonderful to work with - another must-stop-shop if you're in this area. 

How long will 138 diapers last? 
I'll let you know.
I'm hoping a year. 

One of my favorite personal accents: Vaccum lines that haven't been touched. 
I thought them important enough to document. 
Makes us look fancy. 

And now, we wait. 


  1. That little baby will love his/her room. How adorable! I recognized those college shelves before the caption...mine are in a farm office. And yes, Book It is alive and well and still giving out Pizza Hut coupons. Get started and good luck! (On the childbirth part. ;))

    1. I wondered if any of our sisters would! they've been all over, Washington, DC included. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope your beautiful little family is doing well, sweet Daughter!

  2. What a wonderful room! Get lots of sleep while you wait. And, no, the diapers won't last a year. :-)