Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Week Two at Home

I write from the middle of my second week with Sankey Creative. Let me tell you how it's going. 

On the second day of this new adventure Cody began asking some pretty pointed questions:
Did you clean the toilet?
Did you sort through the glove pile?
Did you make this from scratch?
Did you vacuum?
It apparently dawned on him that this new arrangement would give me more time in the home to actually take care of it. 
It dawned on me that things must have been in pretty bad shape for him to notice that I scrubbed the toilet. 

I had many grand plans of a daily craft project for Caroline and I, to work on her coordination and seek creativity on a weekday. I've not yet had to get out the finger paints or pipe cleaners. Mostly because on Friday she dumped my make-up case (the spare one that holds all cosmetics with 1/2 ounce left but I refuse to toss, free samples I'll never wear or Clinque "free gifts" that cost me $26.00). I got out of the shower on day three to find our 18-month old looking like an eighth grade gal trying to find herself in the bottom of her big sister's caboodle. Not that I have experience. It took a little bit of patience and a whole lot of Vaseline to get Caroline's face and hands back to a place where we could leave the house. 

On day five I took Caroline to a dermatologist to have a patch on her face checked out. It developed the Monday before Thanksgiving and I treated it with Neosporin. A week later she was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth. The patch came and went, flared up then disappeared. It wasn't noticeable when we had nowhere to be, but conveniently fired up dramatically when we were around people. Caroline was a champ in the dermatologist office and sat through the entire exam on my lap quite well. 
"Your form says there has been no flaking, but I see a patch here by her ear that seems to be peeling. Is this always here?" asked the nurse. 
I turned Caroline around so I could see the other side of her face. 
"That's weird," I said examining her. "Oh, wait. That' just oatmeal. Dried oatmeal," as I licked my thumb and scrubbed it off. "We had that for breakfast....yesterday."
Sometimes I can't quit talking. 

Week one was a great experiment in time management and goals, week two has been an absolute ball and I fully expect all hell to break loose in week three. 

Parenthood has an interesting way of transforming even the greatest optimist into a realist. 

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