Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blue Ribbons and Water Balloon Fights

I can almost see the pitch forks being hurled through the air and hear the yelling matches begin...
It’s that time of year in my area where the kids load up their livestock, bake that final pan of cinnamon rolls and head to the county fair. It’s a week full of rich tradition and history. It’s a week full of smoldering hot days and cold water balloon fights. For many, it’s the week they consider “vacation” off the farm. It's a big deal in the Midwest. 
Below is a collage of ribbons won by my Grandparents and Great Grandparents between 1942-1945 while showing cattle and pulling horses. I’m especially proud of the first place showmanship ribbon from the Indiana State Fair, 1945 and the Champion Aberdeen-Angus steer, 1944. A family with deep roots in livestock production, I saw this as the perfect way to showcase some of those successes from sixty years ago.  

In the days that lie ahead, I’ll be showcasing stories and photos from county fair experiences. 

Stay just may read something you can relate to. 

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