Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Call to Action

Monday night I found myself thinking, "I have nothing to motivate me to write this blog this week." 

So I did what millions of others did as the storm passed through the Midwest - I logged onto Facebook.

And I remembered Leontien. 

A little about her:
"Fresh. Determined. Stubborn. Worried. Blessed! Love living life in Indiana with my husband and family. Had an American Dream about milking cows, hugging my Black Stallion and drive my BMW on dusty back roads with the music cranked up. And being blessed with all of that! Also a PROUD cancer survivor and determined not to get sick no more. Love to read books, talk lots and find new ways to express myself…"

I wanted to absolutely scold myself for thinking I had nothing motivating or inspiring to write about. 

Leontien is a young woman who was in my in blogging class at the Indiana Soybean office - the class that got Jean's Boots talking. And she is in the fight of her life against cancer as you read this.  

This week Leontien went back for a painful round two of chemotherapy. 

My ask of you is that you visit Leontien's Facebook page and leave a note. 
Visit her blog and let her know you're thinking of her. 
Lift her up in prayer. 

Give thanks for your own health this Wednesday morning!

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