Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moments of Harvest III

Well - 

Another weekend spent with a camera around my neck and another family member yelling at me because I'm "not paying attention to the task at hand!!" is a mere memory now. 

Thanks to you - Jean's Boots reader - for giving me a reason to be screamed at, while we walk the pastures and discuss the fall cattle at BSG

Enjoy another set of "Moments of Harvest"....

Evaluating bred heifers

That dear old tree  still has so much to say

Momma of a fall born heifer at Bowman Superior Genetics

Cheers to exciting New Beginnings 

Time to clean the gutters

A dear old momma cow who has an incredible story to tell 

These expecting ladies are sold and heading across the border to western Canada

Given the reports from friends from Colorado to Pennsylvania, I can only suspect snow is right around the corner. While I simply can't wait to bundle up and breathe the air that takes my breath away, I still enjoy the color and peaceful pace of fall. 

I say "peaceful" because I'm not trusted to run a combine or drive a grain cart. I only observe every-so-often from the buddy seat.

Here is to another week of a safe, happy harvest. 

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