Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Many Faces of Miss Zoey

I was fortunate to spend last Sunday afternoon with Miss Zoey, who just turned a year old. Zoey's dad and I grew up on the same bus route.  Of the three Hoover Homesteads that were once the pride of Washington Road, I grew up in one and he in the other. The third - and best - went down in flames a few years ago. But that is a blog for another day...

Zoey was happy and curious and fun on Sunday. Rumor has it, she's like that most days. I'm still so thankful to have spent that time with her and her parents. I've never seen a child have so many different expressions in such a limited amount of time. 

She made my job easy! Enjoy the many expressions of Miss Zoey - 

What a sweet Zoey-smile to end my Sunday afternoon - New teeth and all - 
Thank you for the opportunity!

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