Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Work In Progress

I consider myself very fortunate with this blog. I’ve been asked again to be a guest speaker at a blogging workshop in June. 
I (feel like I) have 6 followers, 4 of which are blood relatives. Nonetheless I accepted the offer. 

Monday I was asked for my blog bio. 
Blog bio?
I can confess my guilt in stealing hotel soap, I'm comfortable writing about the anxiety I feel as I walk into rural America Wal-Mart, I'm fine telling hundreds of people that I've started my shoddy "diet" 36 times over in 2012, already. And failed miserably each time. 

I'm not comfortable writing a bio that is supposed to shine a glorious light on myself. 

But, I worked on it Monday night, anyhow. 
As you're about to see, this bio has gone through several...revisions. 

Lindsay Bowman grew up on a farm in Indiana and understands the meaning of literally making hay while the sun shines.
Lindsay Bowman has been a part of animal agriculture since a very young age, when she would stuff her pygmy goat in a mailbox and wait for the mail lady.
Lindsay’s passion for agriculture was cultivated by early mornings at the barn and impromptu pitchfork throwing competitions with her siblings.
Lindsay Bowman was raised on a purebred Shorthorn operation in east central Indiana where her passion for agriculture was ignited. Bingo.

Lindsay is a humorous writer who is also active in social media and agriculture. 

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed blogger.

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed funny person who also posts a lot on Facebook. 

Lindsay enjoys writing and drinking Malbec wine at the same time. 85% of the time people enjoy reading 75% of what she says -- only because they can relate to her writing; not because it is Earth-shattering information. Bingo. 

Lindsay hasn't always been a writer; she's spent most of her life as a
Farm kid.
Funny sister.
Shoddy listener
Happy-go-lucky blonde in cowboy boots. Bingo. 

The majority of days, you can find Lindsay appreciating the simple beauty of life and capturing those moments through her camera lens. 
With a camera around her neck and curious like a tourist.
HeyTelling and driving a tick over the speed limit.
With a Waylon Jennings song stuck in her head. Bingo. 

Lindsay enjoys traveling as long as her luggage always arrives with her, making beautiful things out of repurposed junk and humor.

Though a positive person, Lindsay doesn’t care for people who take photos of themselves in the bathroom mirror, in the car, etc. then post them on Facebook.
The price of gas.
Cats and poison ivy. Bingo.

She also spends a large majority of her “free time” appreciating the landscape.
Looking for matching Tupperware lids.
Trying to stomach over-the-top holiday letters from acquaintances.
Asking forgiveness from her family for being painfully honest when telling their homesteading story, which still takes place outside an otherwise sleepy one-horse town. Bingo.

I’ve found that is it not easy to write about yourself when your intent is to be illustrated in the brightest light. I’ve also learned this assignment can take less than 15 minutes if you’re authentic and true-to-self. It has been a real challenge and pleasure sitting down to write this bio. An enlightening and testing experience, I’m convinced what I come up with this week could very likely still apply in two years. I’m predictable and steadfast.

 Still, always a work in progress, right?

What would your bio say?

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