Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past The Ranch Sign

Last week's photos of Sankey's 6N Ranch were taken in the barn lot at the headquarters. Of course, my tour didn't stop there. 

We spent Saturday afternoon driving around and looking at the herd that Cody hadn't seen since December, the last time he was at the ranch. He was glad to be there, to say the least. While I couldn't contribute much to the genetics conversation, I could snap a few photos while they all discussed the black cattle. The only missing component of the afternoon was Sharee, who was judging the state Hereford preview show.  

This week, the camera goes past the ranch sign, far beyond the barns and through the pasture gate. 

The view from the top -
Or the truck bed

Flint rock

The welcoming committee - 
Angus & Brangus

Evaluation & Discussion

She may have smelled Shorthorn


If I wasn't visiting 6N for the first time ever, 
I probably would have done the same thing on that blazing hot day

It takes all kinds

Ideal Saturday afternoon

Friendly reminder to get your daily dose of BEEF

Like father, like...

Life's Work

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