Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colby: The Cat Cowboy

Though 27 and not married, I've never had the fear that I'd live alone forever with 15 cats and be pegged by the neighborhood kids as the "Crazy Cat Lady". 

Anyone who knows me well knows that cats and I don't mix. 
We don't play. 
We don't cuddle. 
We don't find value in one another. 
Fancy Feast commercials make me gag and not kicking a cat when it touches my leg is one of the greatest feats of patience I've ever had to acquire. 

There is only one picture of cats allowed in my house.
And it gives me the creeps every time I see it. 
It is a Christmas card photo from my dear friend Megan, who treats her two white mice catchers (probably not - she lives in Chicago) like her children. 
I considered not hanging the photo on my shutter board when I received it last December, but it serves as a constant reminder of Megan and I's differences and helps me appreciate those differences. 

So, in my dining room are Rita & Carlos. 

But surprisingly, one of my favorite commercials of all-time involves cats. 
Take a look:

There are times this defines my life. 

And going even further, one of my favorite photography sessions involved random cat  interaction. Let it be known, no matter how much Colby wanted me to pet the kitty, I kept a Nikon lens between me and his furry friend. 

I had to laugh during this brief interaction. 
Colby was so very excited and determined.
The kitten was one part suicidal, one part patient and three parts bendy. 

 Stop right there, kid. The photographer does not need to pet the kitty.

I'm sure the cat loved this. 

Thorough examination. 

Neck bends well. 

Cat on the loose!

 Trying to be very....sneaky.......


Colby The Cat Wrangler

Cats are very hard to control and only do things on their terms. 
One of the reasons why I don't appreciate them. 

Real-Life Cat Herding.

Real cowboys are only truly happy 
when they can wrangle what 
they want with one hand. 

Right, Colby?

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  1. It was wonderful to meet you and thanks so much for helping with my blog. Your a very talented photographer! I enjoy Jeansboots.

  2. Great pictures that little fellow is precious just want to hug him