Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pups, Ponies and Popsicles

In June I had the opportunity to reunite with a former co-worker from one of my previous adventures. Last time I saw Stacy she was newly married and happily adjusting to a husband and about to begin a new career. Talk about transition for a gal.

When I saw Stacy in June, she and Jesse welcomed me and my camera to their farm where they're raising two healthy boys, two rambunctious dogs, several beautiful horses and a few bendy cats you may have seen in a Jean's Boots blog post a couple weeks ago. Stacy's life has changed 360 degrees since we worked together and I truly enjoyed catching up with her new lifestyle in rural Ohio. I spent the evening with she and the guys - all of them. 

Here are just a few of the several photos from that beautiful summer evening. 

I look forward to meeting Trevor again when he isn't so...asleep?

 One of my favorite photos - anyone, anytime, anywhere. 
There is so much shown in one moment.

Colby The Cat Cowboy

Baby Trevor

When I began writing someone told me, 
"It is amazing what people will tell you if you 
only give them the opportunity." 

No use crying over spilled grain. 

There is something about the outside of a horse that is 
good for the inside of a man. - Winston Churchill 

And for my next trick....

These days, baby brother Trevor isn't the biggest threat to Colby....

The pups are!

These are the days. 

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful family..

  2. I've been wondering if that scratch on Colby's nose is from the kitten.

  3. No, Janice, it isn't! Colby got the scratch before the cat rodeo.

  4. Beautiful Jean!! I love your passion for catching moments like these!!

  5. I have been wondering is that scratch on Colby's nose from the kitten.