Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It Matters.

Have you ever felt like a situation or place was so vast, that your presence was insignificant or meaningless?

It is easy to feel that way. 
Not noticed. 
Not counted. 
Not needed. 

But you're wrong. 
You're so wrong. 

A single drop of rain combines with others to produce a storm. 
And a storm can change lives. 

Hurricane Sandy, 2012

A single stone combines with others to pave an interstate. 
And I-80 connects San Francisco to New York City. 

A single kernel of corn combines with others to make bushels. 
And bushels feed the world. 

A single vote is counted with others to determine the future of an entire nation. 
And that nation is the most powerful on the planet. 

Voting in the presidential election next week is one of the 
last true freedoms we have have as Americans. 
Even more than sad, that fact is scary. 

Do your homework.
It matters. 
Oh, and happy halloween


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