Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Days of Thanks

On Facebook I've seen several people post things they're thankful for daily. 

This is awesome. 

I've enjoyed reading the notes and learning more about each friend. I wish more people, self included, could step back and give thanks during busy days rather than only in November. 

I'm not good about keeping daily routines (have you read my diet blog?), but I'm pretty consistent on Wednesday mornings. This Wednesday I'd like to catch up on a few things I've found myself giving thanks for in the last week - 

November 1: I'm thankful that Halloween is over and the children of Greens Fork spared me some Laffy Taffy for my 2:00 PM snack break. 
And my 10:00 AM break. 
And the 5:30 PM drive home. 
I am also thankful for a great dentist. 

November 2: I'm thankful for coworkers who are always willing to help, without even  without being asked. Out of the office until 3:00 this afternoon, I returned to find a team of helpers sorting 400 jackets to be distributed in Indiana and Ohio.  Now, if you all are that good at sorting clothes, I invite you to Jean's Boots Headquarters where you can test your skill on the mountain on laundry I've built at the bottom of my basement steps. Snacks provided. Thank you. 

November 3: I'm thankful for a family who recognizes and supports my passions. My Aunt Cheryl encouraged me to enter a photography contest in Ohio where I won second place with "Wired in Wyoming". I would not have had the opportunity to showcase my art in Momma's old hometown if Aunt Cheryl hadn't thought of me and my Nikon. I might mention here that I got beat by a portrait of a dog sitting on a couch. I'm not bitter, I just wanted you all to know....a dog, on a couch. 

November 4: I'm thankful for the stranger whom I have flown past on Bond Rd. at approximately 7:25 AM every other day. He drives about 22 mph, I do not. He always recognizes my Ford grill in his rearview and pulls over to the ditch and waves me around. Frustrated at his speed, I have always  wondered why he drives so slow. Today I actually met Mr. D.; he came to help Momma and I feed 14 round bales of hay. I'll admit, I was a bit embarrassed to shake his hand. He didn't have much to say, Momma said he never does, but he was great help. And as I was boot-scootin' around the farm trying to get my work done, he waved me down and told me I had a flat tire on the Mule. A really flat tire. Then he helped me fire up the bigger-than-my-car air compressor and fill the tire so I could go about my chores. Today I am thankful for Mr. D and his willingness to help two gals, and for teaching one to simply take time. 

November 5: I'm thankful for healthy, active parents. Dad was on a cow-cation with Luke for a full week while Momma and I played "Real Ranch Women of America" for 7 days. Can I just say, if I am in as good as shape as Linda Bowman is when I'm 59, I will be one happy woman, celebrating with wine. Right after I catch my breath. And then mingle with 2-year-old bulls. 

November 6: I am thankful for the right to vote for our country's next leader. 

November 7: I am thankful for Cody and the future we have together! I could say something cliche like, "God blessed the broken road" - but our roads haven't been broken. They've been exciting, and winding, with hills that cross state lines and borders. I'm thankful that we'll be planning the rest of the "trip" together - and what a ride that will be!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful that you found the man that makes everything in the world seem right...

  2. It is a great feeling to know some one loves you and has your back no matter what you do or say. You have a lot to be thankful for.