Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Every Once In A While, I Promise

To my readers, family and friends:  

I promise to not blog consistently about Cody and I's wedding planning. I was the single gal for a looooong time before Cody. I know what it's like to have drinks with the happily-in-love and want to slyly ask the waitress if she can toss a double shot of bleach into your next gin and tonic just to ease the pain.

That being said, you all know I enjoy a good story worth passing on, and every once in a while you'll read those wedding planning experiences here. Every once in a while, I promise. 

The (incredible) ring wasn't on my hand for three days before I had my first laugh-out-loud encounter. A dear family friend and I were discussing dress shopping. I relayed that I never was one that enjoyed shopping. Shopping for me usually consists of three bad dressing room experiences before I'm so depressed that  I want to eat. After a trip to the food court I'm just tired enough to take a nap rather than battle the bulge. 

The dear friend assured me that wedding dress shopping is fun...for everyone. "You'll find something you love, I just know it. I've seen several pretty dresses for older brides like you."

World. Stopped. Turning. 
Room. Began. Spinning. 

Older bride? 
I may be on the back side of thirty, but I had a lot of living to do before I let some Kansan sweep me off my boots. 

A plus of being an "older bride"? 
My Ultimate Fear, discussed relentlessly with college best friends, has dissolved. 
No longer am I afraid of marrying the wrong person. 

My sweet niece Marlee may be the most fun out of this planning thus far. And when I mean planning, I mean securing a date, a church and a leafing through bridal magazines. Cody and I are both scared to go "ROUND II" on the invite list. 

Cody asked me to be his wife on November 6th. 
On November 7th my beautiful (see below) niece had her orange party dress and three headbands laid out for the wedding. She needed three to transition through the evening. 

On December 1st Marlee had her Momma's (Matron-of-Honor) and my dress picked out. 
I was relieved - 
No trying on!
No zipping up!
No taking off my boots 45 times!

Until I saw what Marlee chose for the Bride and Matron-of-Honor...



I asked Marlee why Aunt Lindsay doesn't get to wear the gown on her wedding day. Marlee replied, quite confused, "Because Mommy is the princess?"

Marlee's wedding planning privileges have since been revoked. 

The rest of the details are slowly falling in to place. We have the date, the church, the reception site, the photographer and of course, the Groom. He only took me 28 years to find. Let's hope it's all down hill from there. 

I called the tent rental place last week and have been in conversations with them. It is the same group that sets up for our production sale annually. They have a hard time wrapping their mind around an event like this south of Greens Fork. It isn't the location or even the estimated size that has these guys thrown off. 

With strong and convincing words, I had to thoroughly explain to them that a group this size is coming to Bowman Superior Genetics for an event that has absolutely nothing to do with cattle. 

Ah, who am I kidding...we met at a stock show


  1. Lindsay, I actually laughed out loud when I saw the dresses Marlee picked out. I think she has a future as a wedding planner. Maybe the Thomas girls will need her services soon! I am so happy for you and Cody. Love you. Mary Lou

  2. Enjoy the planning. It sounds like you and Cody are a perfect match, and after that it doesn't really matter what dress, flowers or invitations you pick out. No one will remember any of that. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

  3. LOVE THIS - I laughed OUT LOUD at Marlee's choices...girl after my own heart on the pink dress. But yes, you definitely should get to wear the white dress. And an 'older bride'? SERIOUSLY????