Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Second Annual Jean's Boots Holiday Letter

Dear friends I talk to/text once a year and family I only see at the county fair - 

The end of 2012 is approaching more quickly than my milk expired last week. I just....thought I had more time. 

Again this year my Christmas cards only come in the form of good intentions (I never sent any, so don't be offended that you didn't receive one) and I have yet to go to the grocery for the foods I've been assigned to prepare. I say with confidence - paying no mind to the Mayan calendar - there is always tomorrow. 

The only way to describe 2012 in my book: WINNING!!

In January I made the annual vacation to Denver to attend the National Western Stock Show. Always a great adventure, this time I got a little more out of the trip than a few good photos and a head cold. 

I met someone. 
And in February Cody and I went on our first date. 

According to my iCalendar, Patrick Wall, Director of Genetic Improvement for the American Shorthorn Association came to Bowman Superior Genetics in March. Apparently, that was the highlight of that month as it is in caps lock on my calendar and highlighted. I sure hope we made his trip to Greens Fork worth while!

In 2012 I photographed three weddings, two in Indiana and one in Alberta, Canada. All three were beautiful and true - the kind of wedding I was simply glad to be a part of because it reminded me how powerful love is. 

I parted with my dearly beloved, Fannie the Focus, in August. Not because I wanted to, but because some wild man   (who was better at texting than he was at observing stop signs) plowed into me. He was the kind of gem that changed his license plates on his Jeep before the police  showed up. True story. Rest In Piece, Fannie, who traveled from Nebraska to Washington, DC and a million little roads in between. You went out in a blaze of glory and will be missed, even if we  affectionately called you the "death rocket clown car" for the last three years of your life. 

I traveled a lot in 2012, mostly with Cody. From Reno to Kansas and Mackinac Island to Las Vegas. But the trip of a lifetime was to Alaska where Cody judged the "stock" at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair.  While in Alaska we saw many different creatures such as bears, whales, snow hippies, reindeer and other things that don't rome in Indiana. We also saw mass amounts of seafood on our plates. We lasted 4 days before we found a steak house. 

Cody judging the reindeer. And probably his life decisions that lead him to that point. 
You can see many more Alaska Adventure photos from my August blogs!

In September I celebrated 1 year with Wilt PR. I couldn't be happier in the decision to join this team and work with Harvest Land Co-op every single day. Both companies challenge me, encourage me and support my passions. And, my coworkers are creative, funny and unique. I'm lucky. 

On November 6th I woke and took out my trash, per my (kind of) usual Tuesday morning routine. 
Over my lunch break I tried like hell to do the same thing at the polls. 
Mitt didn't win. 
But, I did. 
Cody asked me to marry him the evening of November 6th, 2012 at sunset in the pasture - under this tree. 
I said yes :)

I don't remember much of December. It has honestly been the busiest month of my entire life. Between work projects, year-end events, training, community obligations, family promises, travel and life in general, I feel like I've missed a lot of the holidays this year. That is a sad feeling. 

So, I'm going to sleep on the couch from here until Dec. 25th and stare at the Christmas tree until I fall asleep. I'm also going to start my Christmas shopping. Tomorrow. 

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Christmas with family, friends and maybe even the occasional angel. May you take the time to hold your babies, pet your pups, count your blessings and call that friend you may have neglected. 

May you also have the complete self-control to avoid overindulging in buckeyes, eggnog/rum and pecan pie. 

And if you do, you're a way - waaaaayyyy - better person than I. 

Merry Christmas, 



  1. You're so incredibly talented. I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers to a great year had, and another to come.

  2. He proposed to you under THAT tree? Ohhhh (swoon) did he know about THAT tree. Oh my. I now have a major crush on Cody.