Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Animals - For Life

Animals played varying roles throughout my childhood.

Cats went for a ride around the block with Dad. 
Pygmy goats ended up in the mailbox for the mail lady/man to find. 
Nate, the stray dog that made BSG his home, came and went as he pleased. Usually after he left, litters of little black pups began to show up around the community. 
Frogs were friends. Until they peed on us. Then they were just gross

And cattle belonged in the pasture.
Or on our plate. 

But then we got Aggie.

She changed how our family viewed animals. She quickly became not only a family favorite, but a community favorite, too. She was fast, and funny and changed my rigid father. Every night, Aggie fell asleep in the recliner next to Dad. 

We lost our beloved Aggie on December 21, 2012. It was a terribly sad time. 

They say a good job is one you learn from every day. While I know there have been days at Wilt PR that I've barely made it through the motions of returning phone calls, attending meetings and traveling between Indiana and Ohio, I've also learned immensely in the last 18 months. 

One of the greatest lessons has come to me through working with the Animals for Life Foundation (AFL). AFL was created to educate the public about the value animals bring to human life: Whether it’s through food and fiber or medical and social benefits. Even as a farm girl, I hadn't realized how animals impact our daily lives. 
Whether we have an "Aggie" or not. The rehabilitation and learning programs that include animals are incredible. The health benefits of protein from animals is astounding. 
They are literally intertwined into meals, clothes, companionship and conversation. 

To this day, I blame being late for dentist appointments solely on my pup, Dixie

On March 20 animals behavior specialists and veterinarians from all over the United States will meet in Columbus, Ohio to discuss the human-animal bond and how animals affect every human life. Dr. Temple Grandin and Steve Dale are included in the list of presenters who will discuss with attendees how animals have changed the way our children learn, our dietary decisions and how we spend our hard earned money. 

You can learn more about The Summit at the Animals For Life Facebook page.

If you need to find me on March 20, I'll be in Columbus learning more about trends in the animal industry. 
And also about how incredibly confused that little pygmy goat was each time we stuffed her in the mailbox....

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