Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love For The Original

Another year in the books and we celebrate 
another year with our dear, beautiful, Original Jean.

A few years ago we planned a surprise birthday party for my Grandma. My sister  played a big role in the surprise and convinced Grandma to ride to town with her and pick up a pizza, rather than cook. 

When they returned to the farm, of course Grandma immediately noticed the line of pick-up trucks and cars lined down her lane. 

Grandma's first response: "Oh no...hide that pizza!"

The Original Jean isn't one for surprises. Namely the ones that require her to feed the masses or wash her windows. 

Next week we will celebrate The Original Jean's 83rd birthday in rural Ohio. She won't do much of anything special for herself; we're getting together over the weekend for cake and ice cream. 

Rather than plan a surprise party for Grandma, I'd like to surprise her by showering her with cards. I've said it a thousand times before: sending cards or letters is a lost art. It takes less than ten minutes, and the reward of making someone's day is worth it, 100 times over. 

Grandma understands the value in a hand-writeen note, too: 

If you have 5 minutes, I encourage you to sit down, 
grab a pen and a sheet of paper off of your desk 
and send The Original Jean - the namesake for this blog - a happy birthday note, even if you've not had the pleasure of meeting her. 

The Original Jean
3409 Toney-Lybrook Rd. 
Eaton, OH

When she goes to to bed on the night of her 83rd birthday, Grandma may not know who exactly sent all the cards, letters or notes. 
She sure won't remember what each of them said. 
But rest assured, she will never forget how special they made her feel. 

And her granddaughter, too.

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