Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let Them

It’s been nearly three years since I asked dozens of people the same question: 
In this life, what is one thing you know?
The responses came for weeks, and I documented each in three separate Jean's Boots entries that you can read here:


I encourage you to read all three days if you've not already; Jean's Boots readers are funny and wise. 

Given the response from three years ago, I'd like to do that again - only asking a different question. 
Think about your answer(s).
Then Privately Message me 
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You can also send me a letter, as some readers prefer to do.
I will anonymously record all responses and again blog to share with Jean's Boots readers. 

Quite often I read things like this:

And perhaps the "wish/make it happen" quote is true. My childhood leads me to believe it is. 

(By the way, thanks to Walt Disney, Michael Jordan 
and Abraham Lincoln for apparently each making that statement.)

But for a moment, 
can we all just wish 
with reckless abandon 
and anonymous voices?.....

Again, think about your answer(s).
Then Privately Message me 
on Facebook 
or email me your response by clicking any of the links above.

Right now, I wish...
My answers:
Right now, I wish that I would have kept myself current regarding our country's political situation. I feel vulnerable. 
Right now, I wish I could visit with Granddad one more time. 
Right now, I wish Dad knew that leaving to get married was as emotional for me as it was for him. 
Right now, I wish I would have gone to bed earlier. 
Right now, what do you wish?
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I look forward to hearing from you -

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