Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Is Water

Yesterday seemed like a doozy. 
I was in the office early enough to unlock the door. 
I left long after the small hand hit six.
I spent 95% of the day talking about numbers. 
Which – to me – is a lot like trying to speak a foreign language without a tongue.
Long. Day.
My head hurt in places that haven't seen cheap hairspray in years. 

I drove home in a hurry behind a maroon Buick. 
Enough said.
In the rain, Cody and I did the chores and stock work.
While cleaning up the supper mess at 9:37 PM, a pipe broke under the sink and the entire sink of dirty water flowed throughout the kitchen.  
Like, contaminated, thawing meat, dirty water.
So tired, I cried in the kitchen, head down, with my hands on my knees, spying the dirt (or something more organic?) under my fingernails, as the dirty water demonstrated just how uneven our old farmhouse floors are.
The water was all drawn to one spot.
Under the oven.
I cried like a 12-year-old.
Wearing mascara. 
With (?) under her nails. 
Long. Day.

But then, in perfect time, our cattle friend Dave Vansickle passed this along:

What perfect timing, Dave

He firmly reminded me:  This is water.

This is water. 

I heard the speech some time ago, but never realized it's depth.

Long Day?
Turns out, I have no idea what "Long day" means. 

Please watch this video. 
Even if you've seen it before. 

Are you living beyond your natural Default Setting?
I wasn't. 

I hope you do. 

Rural internet doesn't allow me to upload the file, 
I hope you'll view it here. 


  1. God has a way of giving us just what we need, when we need it. Right? Thank you. This was awesome.

    1. Yes, He does! I appreciate you reading, Danica!

  2. Thank you for this blog today! It couldn't have come at a better time and I watched the entire video. Seems all to familiar! Guess it's time for a reality check!

    1. You're quite welcome! Enjoy the rest of your day - and thanks for reading!

  3. This really hit home! Thank you for sharing.