Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Be A Dandelion

I think that if I ever had to "come back" as something, I'd like to come back as a dandelion. 
Or my favorite pair of boots
But probably a dandelion.

A person can do a lot of thinking on a mower. 
Especially a mower that doesn't move too quickly because it is just getting out of rehab.

Something amazes me weekly as I board the Husqvarna Hog and prepare myself for 2 1/2 hours of bladed bliss. 
Have you ever seen anything so quick, persistent or resilient as a dandelion? 
I mean, have they nothing better to do than ruin our yards?

Sunday after I mowed down the (approx.) 15,783 dandelions, I began to gain this strange appreciation for them.
Yes, I'm serious.  
No, I've not drank Weed-B-Gon. 

Five Ways That Dandelions Are Better Than Me:

Number One. 
They accept others as they are. 
Alike or Not. 
I judge. 
I judge in a way a woman who sincerely enjoys learning in the pew every Sunday should not judge. 
I judge the guy in front of me buying lottery tickets and cigarettes. 
I judge myself via full length mirror. 
I judge the future based on the facts I only project myself. 
Who am I judge anything other than grocery produce?
We have not the same parents, mail carriers, shoes or debts. 

Number Two.
They are influential.
You tell one dandelion to grow, you better believe the whole darn yard is bound to make a synchronized statement because they have a common goal: To kill my landscaping. 
One dandelion: Admirable and innocent. 
A herd of dandelions: Comparable to a battlefield of haters. 

Number Three:
They don’t care about their looks.
Good hair day. 
Bad hair day. 
Half hair day. 
They show up just the same. 
They care not what the wind, rain or humidity do to their appearance. 
They do their job, unaware or influenced what others may think. 
They have a confidence far beyond external influences. 

Number Four.
They're not afraid to stand alone. 
No matter the place. 
No matter the subject. 
No matter the crowd. 
Hot air. Weed killer. Hail. Few things can cripple the knees of a dandelion and keep it down for along period of time. 
Trust me. I mowed this deal down 48 hours prior to taking this photo. 
This world would be a whole lot better if backbones were stronger than jaws. 

Number Five. 
They embrace change, no matter what. 
No matter the day 
Or phase
Or person
Or problem
Or mistake
Or loss
Or gain.
Dandelions move on, understanding change is necessary. 
They grow. 
They extend. 
They adapt to every temperature, sunrise, circumstance.
They rise again. 
They rise again, and much to my dismay, stronger than before. 

Accepting, Influential, Internally Sound, Confident and Growing. 

Be a dandelion. 

Or mow them down every week. 
Quite frankly, I guess I hope to do both. 


  1. Lindsay!
    Your blog's never fail to make me laugh out loud, or cry a silent tear!
    Thank you for giving the time out of your busy schedule to write,
    you make mine (and im sure a lot of others) days when you do!
    Very greatful to have enjoyed the Bowman hospitality,
    and found this gem of a blog in the process.
    Kylie Schuller

    1. Thank you, Kylie! I'm so glad you read the blog on the other side of the world :) That means a lot to me. What a fun visit we had with you! Keep reading, maybe one day I'll travel your way and log my adventure right here :)

    2. That sounds like an absolute plan! There are plenty of good cattle that you and Cody can peek at over this end of the world too!

  2. I love how you always take a simple subject and allow it to teach you a life lesson! :) You really do have some of the best blog posts I have ever read.

    I am at war with my dandelions right now. I absolutely despise them right now. We haven't been able to spray for them yet and all this rain keeps hindering the process. I've been out with my mower every other day taking them DOWN!

    You have given me a new perspective on them.... :)

    When I was younger.. maybe junior highish.. I had a website/blog called Dandelions in the Wind. I wish I could find it! Back then, before I had my own yard, I thought dandelions were cute apparently!!

    1. Isn't that the truth?!
      "One dandelion: Admirable and innocent.
      A herd of dandelions: Comparable to a battlefield of haters."
      Thank you for reading Jean's Boots and sharing my perspective. It's interesting how easy blog content can be to find if we just stop and look around. Have an awesome week!

  3. I have to say that I was more than a tad bit skeptical when I started reading your reasons for wanting to come back as a dandelion, but I think you convinced me! If I could add anything to your reasons, I would probably word dandelion wine and eating the greens, but then my stomach is growling as I type this ;-) Great post!

    1. I have never had dandelion wine! In fact, I just head of this last week after this blog. Where do you find it? Thanks for reading, Lana :)