Thursday, May 29, 2014

Part Two: Better With Age

Yesterday I wrote about the heritage fern that had been passed down for at least six generations, seeming to symbolize the value of things that improve with age. 

 Don't you just love things that get better with age?

Agriculture has changed exponentially in the last fifty years, and it's become increasingly important for those involved in the production of food to tell their story to consumers. 

I mean, I have a real concern that some folks buy ham based solely on the fact that the brand name sounds similar to their first grade teacher's. 
She was nice.
Nobody did it like Mrs. Lee

And then there are the people so feverishly concerned with the minute amounts of natural hormones in their milk, that they forget about the birth control they've been on since they turned 19.
It makes my head hurt. 

And while we've aged greatly as an industry, we've also gotten better at communicating exactly what we do, day-in and day-out. 
Holiday or not. 
Drought or not. 
Flat tire or not. 

Let's face it - 
today's general consumers prefer an 
"open barn door or open pasture gate" 
kind of transparency into the production of their food
- and that's understandable. 

Why not see who raises the beef your family enjoys? 
Why not learn how your pork chop gained that juicy flavor?

And why not meet the guy who grows the grapes for your favorite summer wine?
I mean, he's gotta be a good time, right?
Here in Indiana, you'll soon have the opportunity to do just that -

Vintage Indiana: Where you can taste wine from nearly 30 of Indiana's 70+ wineries. 
More than 200 wines will be available for sampling on this single day in Indianapolis.
.......Yes, there are tasting limits. 
I just knew you were going to ask that. 

While viticulture may not initially seem like your typical tractor and pitch fork type of farming, it's a rapidly growing sector of American agriculture that can be enjoyed by all ages. 
All ages over 21, of course. 

Indiana wineries are opening the pasture - or vineyard - gate to each of you on June 7, and I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity to get a better look at Indiana agriculture. Wine glass in hand. With a few of your friends. 

And, can you image the people watching? 

Now, my Malbec is calling...
So if you'd like more information - including early admission passes (if 6 hours of wining just isn't enough) and sober driver details - you can find it here:

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