Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lake Tahoe

I took a whirlwind trip to Nevada last weekend and blazed back into Indiana yesterday in the early morning hours. I will be honest; I'm still trying to get organized, adjusted to the time change and figure out where my toothbrush is. Today, you only see pictures. 

During that trip, I spent some time around Lake Tahoe. Here are just a few photos from one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. 

Note to future Tahoe Travelers: Do not wear boots to climb the rocks and see the sights. I almost had the opportunity to feel just how chilly the water was because of my shoddy footwear. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tyler & Casey

I had the opportunity to spend one day last weekend with Tyler and Casey, a couple who grew up on the edge of Indianapolis but belong in a place more rural. I hadn't met the two until they showed up at BSG, but we completely connected from the start. 

We discussed their vision for the day and what shots they wanted to make sure I captured. 
I asked Tyler a few questions and his response was, 
"What ever Casey wants...."

Good man. 

I can't say enough about these two. It's clear that they're crazy about one another and ready to get hitched in September!

Enjoy a quick overview of our afternoon in rural Indiana....

The quilt you'll see through out these photos is a family quilt Casey's Great Grandmother Hattie sewed. What an awesome piece of family history to include!

We took a few photos on the old one-lane bridge north of Greens Fork that will be demolished and re-built with time. Of course, we had to pause taking photos so Harleys could cruise though....

They brought Coor's Original bottles. I asked why....
These two are just like any other small-town couple you'll find on the dance floor of a small country bar on any Saturday night. 
Only, they may be just a little more in love...

Pickin' Wild Flowers

Tyler and Casey are Tying the Knot!

Thank you, Tyler and Casey for the chance to be a part of your journey!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I had the opportunity to photograph Lane for his first birthday - what a deal! 
He made my afternoon easy. He was happy, curious and patient - 
even during the wind that swept across the Indiana farm.

Today is a wordless Wednesday blog where I introduce you to the most 
well-behaved, blue-eyed cowboy I've ever met...

Old barn, young boy, big future. 

8 seconds with a smile. 

Wait. What? That wasn't a real bull?

Wranglers. Pearl snaps. Belt buckles. Amen. 

Someday, kiddo, someday. 

The perks of having a fashionable Mom. 

Three Generations. 

Does Lane have a beautiful mother, or what?

Lane & Roy - Best Baby Buds. 

A proud grandma watches on. 

More of the Merrills - a family passionate about cattle and family. 

Cousins evaluating stock. 

Big steps for a little guy.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Please Excuse The Dust III: The Old Show Barn

We were always in the barn by 5:25 every morning. 

We beat the sun racing through the rafters. 
We beat the heavy August humidity. 
We occasionally beat the moon out of the west end of the sky.  

Eight feet piled out of the Ford and moved across the moonlit gravel. 
One wire gate flew open. 
Two electrical switches were flipped on. 
Fifteen lights became aglow. 
One stereo fired up. 
And that familiar station blared. 
We had a bigger, louder stereo in our barn to entertain us in the early mornings and evenings than we had in our bedrooms. 
It was always tuned to KICKS 96.1.
I spent much of my adolescence in that old bank barn; the very same barn where I took pictures two days ago. 

The bottom floor of the bank barn taught me discipline, the importance of never hitting the snooze button (I lost that lesson in college and somehow never regained it) and the value in hearing a great song on the radio to bring me alive in dark mornings. 

Tattoos on this Barn 

But then something happened. 
We weren't kids anymore.
We grew up.
And as we did, our vision for Bowman Superior Genetics matured. 

The nylon halters were hung from the beams. 

The showbox, packed with sprays and oils, was wheeled to a corner and not touched. 

Our hard-earned trophies gave way to Purdue Student Government gavels and our prized show numbers were replaced with college diplomas.

The pitchforks we used every day to promote our passion were replaced with Nikon cameras, Mac computers and cryogenic nitrogen tanks. 

The old stereo and loud sound system were replaced with a small “boom box” Momma and Dad could manage. 

The box stalls that once held show heifers became calving stalls for expecting mothers. 

Show cattle runs became the donor lots and bull pens.
With every new sunrise, the place changed. 

But when I opened that old wire gate and stepped down in that historic bank barn Monday night, amongst the cobwebs and dust, something was familiar. I reached up and fished around on the (tiny) radio that now hangs in the main walkway. 
Finally, I found the power switch. 

KICKS 96.1 fired up loud and clear. 
An old George Strait song came through the radio waves - Amarillo By Morning.
I had to smile.

Somehow, even decades away, 
a country music song on a familiar station 
can always bring you home.

Photo by Marlene Eick of Blue Merle Studio