Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wake Up Call

My alarm went off at 5:00 this morning and I was so unprepared. 
Not due to lack of sleep (well, maybe that too) but because I realized it was Wednesday and there was nothing I could do about it. 
Blog day. 
Most Wednesday mornings my blog is done, set to go live at 7:00AM while I'm on my way to work. 
This Wednesday I hadn't even considered what I was going to write about. 
This realization hit me square in the face:

Somewhere between last Wednesday and today, I completely lost track of time. But I bet if I looked I could find it - maybe in that big pile of papers on my desk that need attention this week. Maybe in that stack of laundry in my dryer that has been sitting there, dry and wrinkled, waiting to be folded. Maybe even in those photos I need to review and send to a customer. 

Blame on my schedule, blame it on my commitments, blame it on my shoddy prioritization - I'm totally unprepared today. 

Of course, that realization got me thinking. 
  • What am I doing wrong that I am out of bed at 5:15 every day and I still can't seem to get a grasp on my to-do list?
  • What mediocre task or habit can I cut out of my routine to make sure my professional  work, Jean's Boots business and those I care for are getting the best part of me?
  • What should I begin saying "no" to?
  • What, or who, needs my attention but hasn't gotten it because I've been too "busy"?
  • Perhaps scariest of all: What am I missing out on because I haven't allowed time?
Have you ever thought about these things? 
How could life, work and even your health be different if you prioritized the important stuff and learned to live with out - or say no to - the commitments and tasks that hinder your productivity or overall enjoyment of life?

It is a big question to ask, but one that was staring me straight in the face this morning at 5:00AM, demanding my attention like an anxious little pup who needs to go outside right. now. 
I had to pass it on, wondering if I'm the only one?

Begin to take time to enjoy the little things, 
for one day you may look back 
and realize they were the big things. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Singletons

In May I was fortunate enough to photograph Collin & Jaymee's beautiful wedding. 

While it would be great to show you all photos from that day 
- the posed, the proper and crazed - 
I thought I'd stick to just a few that illustrate the Singleton's style of living: 
fun-loving, laid-back and full of friends & family.

Collin & Jaymee, I wish you a life of love and laughter!

What did we do before cell phones & Facebook?

So thankful to have this special Grandma there as the girls got ready

The bridesmaids seeing Jaymee in her dress for the first time

 Parents of the bride setting a great example for the newlyweds

You put your head in?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past The Ranch Sign

Last week's photos of Sankey's 6N Ranch were taken in the barn lot at the headquarters. Of course, my tour didn't stop there. 

We spent Saturday afternoon driving around and looking at the herd that Cody hadn't seen since December, the last time he was at the ranch. He was glad to be there, to say the least. While I couldn't contribute much to the genetics conversation, I could snap a few photos while they all discussed the black cattle. The only missing component of the afternoon was Sharee, who was judging the state Hereford preview show.  

This week, the camera goes past the ranch sign, far beyond the barns and through the pasture gate. 

The view from the top -
Or the truck bed

Flint rock

The welcoming committee - 
Angus & Brangus

Evaluation & Discussion

She may have smelled Shorthorn


If I wasn't visiting 6N for the first time ever, 
I probably would have done the same thing on that blazing hot day

It takes all kinds

Ideal Saturday afternoon

Friendly reminder to get your daily dose of BEEF

Like father, like...

Life's Work

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over Memorial Day weekend I packed a bag and headed to the flint hills of Kansas. Outside Council Grove was where I took off my boots of an evening and where I spent a couple blazing hot days with a camera around my neck.

A land with rolling plains and a town with a rich historical past, I knew the trip would be too short.
And it was. 
The history, the people, the plains and the open sky. Not to mention the really great cattle.
I was visiting Sankey's 6N Ranch. A family that takes great pride in their history and progress in the cattle industry, they showed me around the ranch and surrounding area as though I was a celebrity (and they let me sleep in! And they had full-bodied, black coffee ready before I was!), rather than the Nikon-crazy tourist I appeared to be. Truth be told, the only thing missing was my fanny-pack. 

This family has a story to tell, so I'll let them tell it, rather than I.

This copy is taken directly from Sankey's website. The images I captured one afternoon. 

6N Ranch was established in the early 1960's when Elliott and Helena Norquist put the ranch together by buying land around the Council Grove Federal Reservoir as it was being built. 

The Norquists developed it into a purebred cow/calf operation with over 2000 acres of Flint Hills and lakeside pastures. We leased the ranch in the fall of 1983, and started developing our own Angus program. 

Then in the early 1990's we had the chance to purchase the headquarters and part of 6N Ranch.

With the blessings of the Norquists, the ranch was able to stay Sankey's 6N.

Our family's roots in agriculture and the Angus breed run deep. 

We have had Angus cattle in our family for over a 100 years.

1955 Nebraska State Fair Champion
Angus Female
Maple Dell Farms/Laflin Ranch
Bob & Barb Laflin

We have been building our Angus herd off of intense AI'ing, producing cattle that will survive primarily on grass in the Flint Hills, but also be successful in the showring. 

We produce cattle that have eye appeal, growth, and substance. Using key AI bulls we have been able to produce an American Angus Assoc. Show Bull of the Year, Sankey's Lazer 609 of 6N, and many females that have been successful showing on a national level. 

Grand Champion Bull, 2012 Ft. Worth ROV Angus Show
Sankey's Justified 101

Owned with Foster Campbell, Louisiana

We have also been striving to produce Brangus cattle that will work not only in the pasture but also in the showring. We have raised numerous Show Bull and Show Heifers of the Year through the IBBA. Each fall we have an annual sale featuring Angus Jr. show heifer prospects, as well as, sell a few striking Brangus show heifer prospects. If you are ever in the area, please feel free to give us a call, we would love to show you around!

The story doesn't stop there - 
Stay tuned later this week for images with a story from Sankey's 6N Ranch!