Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing of the Purse

There are very few things that woman, far and wide, take so seriously:
  1. Did I leave the oven on?
  2. Dieting
  3. Changing of the Purse
You show me a woman who enjoys changing purses and I’ll be looking at a real creep. I’m serious. I know two of these types of women; one has already cashed in her one-way ticket to Crazyville. The other has been labeled “Hi-Risk” for doing the same. 
Changing purses can cause a woman to re-evaluate her life....
  • Where is all of my money?
  • At what point did my social life take a turn that I decided I needed to carry around a cork screw?
  • Why do I still have this ticket stub from that terrible date in April? Following up, why did I go an 2 more dates with the same guy after that?
  • Coral lipstick: When did I turn into my mother?
  • Shabby kleenexes: When did I turn into my Grandmother?
  • The “lucky” quarter: Why do I still carry this in my secret compartment? The week I found it on Maple Street I got a flat tire, my camera stolen and the flu. 
  • A single birthday candle. Just, Why?
This “change” wouldn’t be as painful if I was good at it. I attempted to change purses on new years day: New Year, New Purse. Even today, I have regretted that decision it twice in the last thirty minutes. I can’t find my checkbook, Advil or spare house key. 
Some enjoy taking this time to change and reorganize. Personally, I would rather reorganize my life by cleaning out my entire attic. A painful task, but it won’t ruin your life like a shoddy purse change will. 
For those who do enjoy this event, have you ever messed it up? Have you ever gotten a state away before realizing you have nothing in your purse but hard-as-a-rock gum, a Keith Whitley CD and outdated business cards from your first job out of college? 
No? Well, then you probably don’t understand why I’m already on looking for one-way tickets for you, too. 


  1. Aunt Jill says a real woman never goes anywhere without a cork screw ;) Just wait until you have babies and suddenly you are finding baby spoons covered in lent - every receipt you "thought" you were saving in case you needed to take that one thing back that you now don't even remember what it was -- AND two pacifiers that you haven't seen since August. I think I'll change purses today -- my handles are falling off :)

  2. Great Pictures! I can't wait to hear more stories from your trip!!!