Friday, January 21, 2011

Pride in the Work

Since the first time I attended the National Western, I've been intrigued by the people, the place and the whole idea. The history and past of the Yards inspire me; the people that passionately bring cattle each year motivate me. 

It isn’t just a week; it’s a way of Life. 
For the last couple years I’ve been fortunate to work with Jungels Shorthorn Farm of Kathryn, ND. Not only are they outstanding folks to work with, they have a phenomenal understanding of the Shorthorn breed and a passion for the cattle like none I’ve seen. Working with this team is the only reason I can smile when I find peanut shells in my dryer vent two weeks after I’ve left the Stock Yards. 
Many times, it’s better to let a photo explain things, rather than searching for the words. I’ve decided to let the photos do the speaking on this Friday; my words couldn’t do justice to the pride that comes through my lens. 


NOTE: All photos property of Lindsay J. Bowman. 

Lot 1

The Future of JSF

Resting Place

A Shared Vision - Father and Son

Make Your Way

High Plains Forage

Common Ground


A Real Spectacle 

A Different Shade

Pride in the Work

Something to be Proud of


Well Traveled

Accepted Outsiders

Leader of the Pack

When Country Comes to Town

Know A Great Thing When You See It

Value Added

You're Known By The Company You Keep

The View from the Top

Final Glance

The Conversations

The Cornerstone
This Cowboy's Hat

Contending Bidders

Intensity of the Final Bid

The Chosen

 Live with Passion.


  1. Loved the pics!
    favorite common ground!


  2. Thanks for the tour. Never been there Pictures speak a thousand words

  3. And there is nothin' like "wishing upon a star" under the big Denver sky in the middle of those old stock yards.... Thanks for the laughs and memories on this soul-feeding trip. I love you!

  4. You have such a great eye. I felt like I was there.

  5. We are going this year. Taking the train with a group of friends.