Thursday, January 13, 2011

Denver, Revisited

As I board the plane for Denver, I thought it might be fitting that I share an entry from my old journal depicting the first trip I took to the Mile High City to attend the National Western Stock Show......
I just got home. When I say home I mean the Alpha Chi house - not Garrett Rd. Denver was amazing, beautiful and unforgettable. Dad and I got the to airport early so we went to TGIFriday’s. Dad ordered a beer and I ordered a Crown and Coke. You should have seen the look on Dad’s face when I did! I was, of course, carded - -  so confidently I pulled my ID out of my wallet. Home clear. Dad was so confused...he made me show him my ID....which, of course, was actually Laura’s old one. He kind of laughed, kind of shook his head in disbelief/disappointment. More to come on that deal. 
On the plane I sat with Arin Cates. I can definitely see her being a mentor to me as I pursue writing and design. 
I can’t describe how incredible the Stock Show is. There is so much rich history in those Yards - - I truly want to know every single detail. The cattle looked great, ready and competitive. Shorthorns have certainly come a long way. As I walked the Yards, I couldn’t help but feel pride for the industry in which I’ve been raised. There I was, surrounded by some of the greatest cattlemen in the country, proudly displaying the best stock they could truck to the Mile High city. I yearn to know the stories those Yards tell - the winning, the fall outs, the bids, the genetics - - such a rich part of American Production Agriculture. 
Colorado kind of place. The view of the mountains remind me to breathe. The wide open sky makes me count my blessings. The people I was able to meet made me forget about Chemistry class! I love the West. I simply love how it brings this historic romance to everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, I love Indiana; but I feel like I there is some part of me that belongs West. It feels like home to me. 

The best part of the trip, between the new Tony Lamas, the Cowboy Bar, looking at cattle on the Hill, warm chocolate chip cookies at the Double Tree hotel, the Yards Bar, spending time with my Shorthorn friends, picking out turquoise for Mom and the wide open spaces....was spending time with Dad. I feel like since I moved to Purdue our relationship hasn’t been what it once was. I certainly know that I haven’t kept in touch like I thought I would, and he probably wanted me to. It’s funny, how fast life happens. All the sudden we’re 20 hours from the only home we know and we become as close as we’ve ever been. Relationships are a funny thing. So is time. And distance. 
It’s easy to innocently forget about the ones who love you the most. 
The trip home was fine. When grabbed my bag from the luggage trip Dad reached out his hand. He wanted to shake hands?!?! Nope.........he made me give him my fake/Laura’s ID. After a short pep talk about living with integrity and how he was going to call Laura, Dad kissed my head - and like that my first trip to Denver was over and I was on my way back to Purdue!!!!! SORRY LAURA. 
I love Colorado. I love Shorthorns. I love the fact that I have so much to learn about places outside the Midwest. I love my Dad!
Cartmell wants to go get ice cream and talk about the trip - roommate duty calls!


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