Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bed Time - And a Bug

Recently I spent the night with my sister, her husband and their beautiful babies. While Harrison is the forever-happy 5-month-old, Marlee is the spirited almost two-year-old who always entertains. 

That night I helped Marlee get ready for bed. What a process. I've never seen a child take so much time simply brushing their (9) teeth. 

Today is a photo-story blog - The Story of Bed Time. And a bug. 

Happy Harrison

"Lili, what that?"

"A bug!"

"A little bug..."

"Here Lili, here. Look, Lili..."

We finally had to tell the bug goodnight. 
But we did pray for the bug. 
And the neighbor's dog. 

Confused why Aunt Lili is still taking pictures during quiet time...

Goodnight, World

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  1. Ah the life of a two year old. Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and take everything in like they do. Precious photos!