Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking Back

My next few days will be spent out of the office and in the pastures of BSG. It's the week of our annual production sale and it seems there are a million things to do, and only time to get one hundred of them done. During this week, our crew gathers at the farm before the sun hits the horizon and trucks don't file out of the driveway until things are wrapped up, usually long after the stars have made their debut. 

While these are long days, they're good days spent doing what the Bowmans love: working together and preparing our place so that friends, partners, neighbors and guests from around the globe can come to the farm, enjoy a meal together and evaluate some really neat cattle. 

To understand more about the dream behind our operation, and this sale, click here

Today we look back on the last few production sales, and the folks that have made it possible for us to do this year after year. 

Stop out to BSG this Friday, September 2 to enjoy dinner before the bidding starts at 6:00PM. 

 Luke, Dr. Byers and Mr. Jungels have a moment to catch up after the sale. See more of Jungels' operation here.

Settling up.

Marlee's first production sale was spent mostly in Grandpa Bowman's arms. 

It's always great to have the Warner Sisters (and Josh!) out to BSG. 

Dear friends and customers, but more like family. 

The Ragsdale men, with roots deep in the Shorthorn breed. What a pleasure to have Jack out for the sale. See more of their history, here

Dad prepares to give his first-ever opening comments. 

 Forever Friends.

 Fraternity brothers out to support a passion.

 Katie's famous concoction. 

 Words of thanks. 

 Our country vet, forever on call. 


  1. I am SOOO excited for the Sale this year! Awesome pictures!!!

  2. Good Luck this weekend; hope the sale goes great!