Monday, August 15, 2011

Woodward Farms

In July I had an opportunity I'm quite thankful for. A dear college friend asked me if I'd come spend time with her family, camera in hand, and capture what is most important to them: Family and Farming. 

I obliged. 

I didn't know how the evening would go. While I know her family well, I knew the expectations were high. 

I knew that, simply by understanding the way her family runs their operation in Central Indiana: With great care, great passion and great precision. Their farm is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The way they take care of their machinery, facilities and home doesn't even rival the way they take care of the two most important things to Woodward Farms: The Land and Each Other. 

It was wonderful just spending time with this family as they were directly in their element. And while there were a few frustrations (like asking Austin to reposition the equipment several times - as he skated along the edge of the pond with the sun in his eyes), I also walked away from the session with a great sense of pride and comfort knowing that the industry is in good hands, having the Woodwards as stewards of the land.

This is a photo profile of an incredible American farm family. 
One that I'm certainly proud to know. 

If you look closely,  you'll notice the family isn't the focal point of this photo...

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