Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

I had the opportunity to work along side Dad one evening this week. 

We scooped, we laughed, we poured, we yelled. 
We lived. 

We were checking pairs at Luke and Betsy's farm when Dad stopped. 
It wasn't a great moment for a photo. Lighting wasn't right. I looked at him. 

He said, "Days like today it is easy to feel like you have nothing.
 But then I sit here, and look at this......
Jean, I feel like the richest man in the world." 


Dad instilled each of those in me again this week.

Below, enjoy 25-minutes of checking pairs at Bowman Superior Genetics  

Momma cow calling for her baby

Rye rises as a cover crop before corn is planted.

Budding clover within the rows

Behind this pair  you can see the Ted Davis bridge, 
which crosses the Greens Fork River
lit on fire from the Indiana sunset

Those Fly-Over states aren't so bad, are they?


  1. Gorgeous shots! Some of them would make awesome panoramic shots!

    Sarah @ This Farm Family's life