Friday, August 24, 2012

Alaska III: Eagles and Ice

Per Cody's request, on day 5 of our Alaskan Adventure we took a boat tour to find and observe wildlife. 
Find and observe wildlife?? 
I just did that. 
Last fall. 
I found chipmunks in my attic. 
I observed the damage those crazy little squirrel-cousins can do. 
I never want to "find and observe" again.  

Originally, Cody wanted to go on the 9-hour tour. 
I politely reminded him that even Gilligan barely survived a 3-hour tour. I just didn't think I had it in me.
So we compromised (I'm slowly learning this concept) and opted for the 6-hour boat tour. 

I spent the first ten minutes of the 6-hour tour half pouting/half wondering if I'd look anything like Mary Ann Summers from Gilligan's Island when this deal was all done and over with. 

Life Lesson:
If you aren't there at the beginning of the 6-hour tour, you sure as heck won't be there at the end of it. 

I survived. 
And truly enjoyed it.
Below are a few of the shots from that Saturday in Alaska. 

Seward, Alaska

Everything is larger than life in Alaska. 
Mountains so high the clouds don't allow you to see the peak. 

The original great divide?

These sea lions got spooked by the boat and launched themselves into the water!

When he wasn't outside leaning over the edge of the boat searching for whales, you could find Cody creeping on the captain, secretly hoping he would notice and invite CS to join him in the navigation. You would not believe the number of 9-year-olds Cody dominated for this poll position...


What an awesome little hide-away this would be.

One of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life. 
This glacier is one mile wide. 

Ice, meet Rock. 
Rock, meet Ice. 
Together, you will change the world. 

Look at the contrast between the top of the rigid glacier and the green, snow-capped mountain behind it.

We were able to see the glacier "calve" - 
where ice chunks break off and fall into the ocean. The sound of the ice breaking, then hitting the freezing water sounded just like the loudest thunder ever to roll through Greens Fork, Indiana- it was incredible! 

Never again will I sit on my front porch swing and listen to the thunder 
and not think of this incredible trip to Alaska. 

Alaska Adventurists

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  1. Looks amazing! The picture of that mile-wide glacier is breathtaking, I can't imagine seeing it in person. Congrats on surviving and thriving on that 6-hour tour! :)