Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys.
They run, they climb, they cry, they roll, they play and they laugh to entertain each other.
This summer I had the opportunity to photograph these two little guys from Texas. 
Neither Breck or Kelin were quite sure about the place where their momma and Aunt Ash brought them for photos. 
Still, they cooperated, explored and stayed away from the electric fence....Enjoy!

Hey, Scary Blonde Lady - 
Get out of our face with that Nikon. 

"Cowboy Dreams"

 Poor Kelin was not amused with the photo shoot. Or the cows. Or the dogs. 

How did big brother get up there?

 Nope, not a spot barrow. 
Just a 10-year-old jack russell raised on table scraps. 

Boys Will Be Boys. 

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