Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kenny & Candice

Did you know I have a little "brother"?
His name is Kenny and he looks nothing like me.

Kenny and I were both Greeks at Purdue. When he got initiated into the AGR house, I was his "big sis". Never having been a big sister before, I took full advantage of the opportunity and made Kenny do all kinds of exciting and stupid things like any fun big sister does. 

I won't share the details of initiation night. And I'll put a lot of money on the fact that Kenny won't either; it's hard to retell a story you don't remember to begin with. Long story longer, we both survived to laugh about it. 

Fast forward past Harry's, graduation, real-world jobs and life in general to a phone conversation just two months ago:

Me: Hello?!
Kenny: Hey Big Sis.
Me: How are ya, Lil' Bro?!
Kenny: I'm good. Hey, we were just out here with the cows and that reminded me of you.
Me: .........
Kenny: I mean, that I was supposed to call you...

Ahh, Kenny - a man of few, yet powerful words. 

I was so excited to see Kenny and his fiancé Candice. We met in a tiny town (my new favorite Jean's Boots gem) the size of my office for their engagement session. I knew I wanted something rural and rustic. The abandoned grain elevator, old store fronts and open, airy spaces fit this country couple perfectly.

Enjoy just a few photos of Kenny & Candice...

Isn't she absolutely beautiful?

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  1. Once again, you have the true gift of a photographer, the ability to tell the story without a single word!

  2. I want to live in Indiana. Really, I do.