Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days of Thanks III

Can you believe it is the week of Thanksgiving? 

Days of Thanks continues....

November 15: I'm thankful for the dreadful deer heads a co-worker hung in my office. They're terrible to look at daily (prior experience with deer has scarred me for life - future blog), but I have never seen Ronny, the disgusting, annoying, rude phonebook salesman move out of my office so quickly as he did upon seeing these three. 

Thanks, Donner, Dasher and Creepy!

November 16: Today I'm thankful for Pinterest. If not for Pinterest, I never would have thought to turn a raggedy t-shirt into a 3,000 sq. ft. tent. I never would have known that there are 627 ways to use an old Q-tip. I sincerely did not realize there were over 7,000 two-ingredient meals, 14 calories or less!! ..... Spare me. 

November 17: Today I'm thankful for a wonderful dinner at Dusty's Cellar in Michigan. Not a main-stream dining experience, Cody and I both searched the menu for a while before finding something that didn't include duck pâté, or other French words, for that matter. After a long day of college football we both chose something more...American:  


November 18: Today I'm thankful for Rachel Walter Online Wedding Boutique. I don't know Rachel, but today in the mail a beautiful, "Just Engaged" ornament arrived on my doorstep. It has Cody and I's names and our engagement date on the back. Her business card was included, and nothing else. Thank you, Rachel, for your artistic hand. And to whoever sent this to Greens Fork, thank you from the bottom of our happy hearts. We are grateful for this keepsake!

November 19: Today I'm thankful for the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen in my life. This view only lasted about two minutes; I have never seen anything like. I'm still sick that I didn't have a real camera in hand. 

November 20: Today I'm thankful that I survived a trip to Meijer just two days before Thanksgiving. I'm serious. I've seen people lose mental stability and all ambition after experiencing what I just did. One minute you're doing fine in the egg nog section, next thing you know you're on your knees begging the bag boy to tell you where the maraschino cherries live. I'm lucky, really. 

November 21: Today I'm thankful that today is more like Friday! 

I hope each of you can spend Thanksgiving with the ones you love. I also hope that when the meal is over, the Tupperware fairies are in your favor and every lid matches.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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