Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Another Manic Wednesday

I'll be honest. I woke up at 4:50 this morning in Columbus, Ohio, in preparation for a big event (Seriously, I've been as busy as a one-legged duck in a swimming contest) and had this initial thought:

Is today Blog Wednesday???

So today on Jean's Boots, I present to you a few 
awakening thoughts on this First Day of Spring, 2013:

I bet that if I hit snooze again, when I do get out of bed, I'll move as fast as a cat on a hot tin roof and can make up for that lost time. 

But if I get up now, I won't hear the second most annoying sound in the world: the hotel phone wake-up call. The first being, "License and registration, please."

The 18th decorative pillow on this bed is about as useless as Chuckie Cheese bucks at the Bellagio.  

I really, really anticipated it being warmer than this on March 20. I'm as disappointed as a twelve-year-old with a bag phone.

Why did the mail lady look at me yesterday like a dog looks at a high pitched sound? All I needed was 300 post card stamps.  

I would love to know where the lid to my trash can back home is. Considering the wind we had yesterday, I'd say that deal is as lost as last year's Easter egg. 

I wonder if Temple is in the air yet and east-bound.

Why did the dreadful waitress ask if we wanted dessert last night? I mean, does a fat puppy hate fast cars?

I can't believe there are birds chirping at 30 degrees. They're as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles.

Did I pack a razor?

Happy Wednesday, All!

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