Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Every Thing, A Place?

I really need to get organized. Don't get me wrong, I generally run a tight ship around BSG North East Division. But according to Pinterest and Country Living, everything in the home has an attractive, "why didn't I think of that?!" place. I'm still trying to figure out that deal...

Thank you, Pinterest, for confirming my belief and validating my excuse. 

Sometimes I find things in my house and I wonder how they got there. Like Easter candy in my sock drawer. Who was I hiding that from? A sure-fire way to keep the mice away...

It would be easy to blame someone else, like my pup Dixie. But the truth is she lacks the opposable  thumbs for putting turquoise earrings in the medicine cabinet and, conversely, my toothbrush in my jewelry box during a Monday morning rush. 

I moved into a new office in January and I spent the entire month organizing and beginning to make the space my own. It's covered in wood paneling; I call it "The Cabin".  

It is with great fondness that I recall my office in Washington, D.C., 
overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue, filled with 
leather furniture, cowboy art and famous western bronze sculptures.....

An outdoorsy co-worker has latched on to the name and some afternoons he comes and sits in The Cabin and tells me hunting stories. He told me he'd bring a few mounts for the walls; I hope like heck he's kidding.  

Another co-worker came and asked me last week where, in all of my organizing, I had put the (ancient) story-telling slides of one of our older grain elevators. 

"I hope you put those gems in that fireproof safe in the corner?" he asked, one eyebrow raised. 

"Why didn't I think of that?!" I thought to myself...

"Oh, no...those are in my bottom desk drawer. The fireproof holds my bag of mini Kit-Kats and Hot&Spicy Cheeze-Its," I responded, telling the honest truth but half laughing. 

Sometimes, I don't know when to shut my mouth and nod. By 5:00PM the Cheeze-Its and elevator slides had switched places. 

I really do try hard to keep my cozy home and office in order, but it seriously took me 11 days to unpack and reorganize after spending just 4 days in Denver. The jeans went directly to the washer; the dear boots were cleaned immediately in the bathtub (you haven't seen how small my sink is), but the accessories like belts and jewelry....they lingered forever (or 11 days) on the dining room table, couch, desk, spare bedroom, kitchen counter, passenger side seat and mantle. 

Last week I went to the farm to pick up Dixie (I drop her off every morning before work so she can run her gypsy soul around hundreds of acres before returning to the sleepy, one-horse-town we live in). It was in that brief interaction with my parents that I quit beating myself up over the fact that my recipes can be found in the same drawer at my obsolete phone charger and light bulbs (good luck getting that drawer open). 

"Linda, do we need this? I just found it in my 2008 invoices," asked Dad, holding up a tiny paper envelope. 

"What in the world is that?" Mom asked, walking closer to get a better look. 

Mom held up a little paper envelope that held the first tooth Laura, now in her thirties (but you didn't hear that from me), ever lost. 

Did I mention it had been stored in Dad's 2008 invoices?

At that point the stars began to align for me. I realized this organization struggle was one my family has been fighting for years. It's genetic. I realized there wasn't a reason my cheerleading poms were stored with the 1996 tax returns; no reason why my dolls melted in the same box in the attic as Dad's 1970's record collection and Laura's 1988 perfect attendance award. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 
To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every a purpose under the heaven. 

I read this verse and think to myself - Ok, I'm learning to understand that. For every thing, a place? 

I mean,  just where do the VHS tapes I'll never watch again go in a 1,100 sq. ft. house? Until you answer that for me, I'll keep them nestled right next to my cookbooks. 

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