Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Did You Know?

I was sitting in an agronomy meeting a month or so ago when the presenter began his discussion with this video. I've come back to it on days that I either feel defeated or empowered; it can go either way. 

His motivation behind showing this to 13 young, progressive growers (I was simply there observing) was to remind them that this world is ever-changing. So while farmers have a reputation of sitting in a local diner and complaining about the world changing too quickly, they're also running amongst the most progressive group of innovators this world has ever seen. If those in agriculture don't change with the times, the times forget them. And people get hungry. (Somehow it always goes back to food at Jean's Boots?...)

But you sure don't have to be a farmer to appreciate this video. The clip also puts things in perspective and shows how fast-forward we're living these days. It is a reminder (once you're over the initial "What?!" factor) to slow down, live in the moment and embrace certain things while they're around. Whether that be people, places or things

Watch it. 
Re-watch it. 
Take a deep breath.
Live your life in a changing world. 
What does it all mean to you?


  1. Wow. That video is jam-packed with information. Kind of mind blowing! Will have to watch it again.

    1. I know, Erin! I had to watch it three times to take it all in. It freaked me out a bit...