Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Halter Broke Life

Caution: Objects in the pasture are larger than they appear.
And they're kinda spirited.

'Tis the season. 
We're halter breaking calves in our tiny part of the world.
Trying to teach the animals that we're not fixin' to kill, brand or ear tag them. 
Trying to teach the spouse that we're not fixin' to kill, brand or leave them. 
It's a real fun time. 
In fact, I've come to realize how closely it ranks up there with trying on swim suits. There is dread and anxiety when it begins, and such relief when it's over. Usually. Sometimes. 

The further we get into the process, the more I've learned that halter breaking calves - spirited, black, large calves - can parallel one of life's greatest lessons:

Don't buck the system and expect to end up on top. 

Just kidding. 

This process has become a get-home-at-5:28-every-evening-and-report-to-the-barn-to-tie-up-calves project. 
I feel like I'm 14 again. Except for the size of my jeans. 
It's daily. 
It's tiring. 
It's stressful. 
It's repetitive. 
It's for good reason. 
It pays off in the end. 
Halter breaking calves is a lot of things that life is.

A Halter Broke Life: It takes persistence. 

This process - attempting to rope the wind and make it your friend (welcome to the early stages of Cody and I's relationship, by the way) - chronicles the importance of persistence and how it can really change lives. 
For the better, for the record.

A Halter Broke Life: It takes persistence. 

And time. 
Time is tough to figure out:
A 30-minute nap lasts just 37 seconds. 
A 30-minute meeting can last up to five hours, dependent upon the topic, attendees and cell coverage. 
The halter-breaking process has reconfirmed this thought: 

A Halter Broke Life: It takes persistence. 

And repetition.  
Don't give up. 
I heard once that Michael Jordan got cut from the basketball team and Steve Jobs hated the taste of apples, or something. 

A Halter Broke Life: It takes persistence. 

Persistance from you. 
And yes. I'm talking to you. Quit breaking eye contact. 

Trying to forget. 
Losing the weight. 
Eliminating the debt.
Asking for forgiveness.
Trying out for the team. 
Submitting your resume. 
Reorganizing your priorities. 
Dialing the digits on your phone. 
Attempting the recipe one more time. 
Proving yourself. Wrong or right. Proving. Yourself.
Reading through the instructions, slowly and carefully. 
Trying - just once more- to start the family you've dreamt of. 
Untangling your tongue and stomach to come up with the words. 
Washing down the sink what you've started and working through it again. 
Going back to the doctor's office because you know something just isn't right. 
Trying. Again. One more time. The last time. Maybe. Because you know. In your heart. 

The persistence that you need to incorporate into your life
parallels what these rogue cattle at our homestead need to understand: 
Don't be afraid. 
- what you're going through - 
is all part of a plan Bigger than your own. 

Are You Living A Halter Broke Life? It takes persistence. 

And courage. Yours. 

And, really great leather gloves, patience of steel, quick feet and a show stick you're willing to sacrifice. 

But mostly, persistence. 

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  1. Great post - I really enjoyed it! And you reminded me that I get to help halter break 18 yearling bulls next weekend!! Sarah