Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Last Time I Did This

The days following Christmas always seem to be a downer time for me. There is just something about taking down all of the Christmas décor that dampens the cold January mood. And opens one’s eyes.

I was replacing garland with a springy (too early?) arrangement when I found a sure sign that 2016 was the time to get organized: In the bottom of a silver boot vase was the name and phone number of a gal I was supposed to call back in….June. A hundred bucks says I got in a rush to tidy up the homestead – company was probably at the door - and threw this little tattered note into the closest hiding spot I could find: a flower vase.
I’m very resourceful.

But that is sort of how I’ve operated as of late: 
Committing to so much, that I have time to do so little, well.

So I’ve determined that 2016 is the year to get my affairs in order. I searched for and found an old Franklin Covey planner that someone gave me a few years ago. I had great intentions for that planner, and 2012. So great, in fact, that on the first page I wrote my very ambitious 2012 Resolutions:


The discovery of this time capsule sent me couchside for a few minutes, reading through the things I wanted so badly to accomplish in 2012 and the emotion – or passion – that lied behind each stroke of the pink Sharpie.

Some goals seemed so easy to hit everyday: 
11. Give Dixie more attention. 
She was such a good dog; little did I know she’d be gone in less than two years.
While others seemed quite lofty, even four years later:
6. Venture with Christine – 2013 launch! 
We were two friends with a plan; one that never truly got off the ground.

But one stood out boldly.
(Get down to) 130 lbs?

9. Stop Looking – God’s timing is perfect!
What a nonchalant note for something that quietly weighed on my heart often.  

But I did it.
I quit questioning possibilities and wondering what might have been and remembering how things never actually were.

And fourteen days into 2012 I met the one who is so worth God’s (slllooooooooooowwwwwwwwww) timing. 

I haven’t made a serious resolution, since.

Cody and I were in the truck recently catching up on to-remembers and to-decide-upons before he leaves for the National Western Stock Show. I usually take notes and still send 101 text questions throughout the duration of his trip to ensure I’ve not forgotten something. Or let something die. The last time he did this, I dealt with frozen blue ball waterers and sloppy, thirsty cows who didn’t help the situation. Let’s hope this year is different.

The conversation turned to life talk within five miles and Cody mentioned something else I wrote down: We’re trying to control everything, but in reality we have control over nothing. What a true, scary thought. It reminded me of 2012 Resolution Number Nine: Stop Looking – God’s timing is perfect!
Stop looking.
Planning like we’re in charge.
Tough pill to swallow, at any age.

I read about a challenge the other day asking people to give advice to their 16-year-old self …in two words. I love a good challenge.
Be unique.
Never settle.
Travel often.
Be confident.
Don’t straighten your hair.
Or use box color.
Stand up straight.
Trust your gut about people, I'm serious. 
My two-words list could go on and on...

At an age when I’m trying to get all areas of life organized in an effort to simplify and enjoy, I think this challenge came at a perfect time. I’ve found that when I’m worrying often and letting concern take over my heart, it’s usually at a time when I’m trying to do everything myself. When I feel at peace, it’s usually because I remember that God is in control. What a thought to keep in my back pocket for the tough days ahead!

The last time I did this, I was able to truly focus on only a handful - but they turned out well. So I’m making a resolution to write down four – simple – phrases what will serve as my guides for the year ahead. No books, or businesses, or weight goals:

Give it to God.
Take care of myself.
Be present.
Keep it simple.

I’m going to plaster these bad boys in every nook and cranny in my life – simply, of course.

What might your guides be? 
Twenty total words or less.

Now, how could these guides help me to quit hiding things in oh so random places in an effort to tidy up our homestead? Well, they probably won’t. That lesson is going to come after I misplace something important. Like, really important.
Like a passport. I’m on #3.
Or a social security card.
Has anyone had to have one replaced?

I  would hate to go back into that social security office.


  1. Great post! I can relate with SO many of these - minus the frozen waterer part (yet)!

  2. Hit publish before I was done! LOVE the arrangement in the boot! Those are beautiful....just artificial sprigs or an actual arrangement you purchased like that?

    1. Thank you! I bought artificial sprigs at Hobby Lobby and made 3 arrangements in different containers.

      Thank you for reading - I hope 2016 is an awesome year for you!